Greek Myths For Grownups: Pop-Up Festival!

Category: Arts, Culture

Start Date: 13/07/2019 12:00

End Date: 13/07/2019 23:45

Location: Ancient Technology Centre, Cranborne

Booking Essential: Yes

Description: Encounter epics by firelight, the musings of shipwrecked warriors, wild ideas, gravity-defying Satyrs and an explosion of Balkan brass, as we enter a world where humans are the playthings of the gods. Midas with his golden touch, Artemis the wild huntress, Orpheus in the Underworld, Atalanta raised by a bear, Odysseus trying to get home. This is a one-day extravaganza of stories, jesters, words, music & a stunning venue in beautiful countryside. Whether you know nothing, or lots, about Greek mythology, or have only ever encountered them in their censored childhood guise, this will be a feast for your imagination! Come and do it like they do on Mount Olympus. Please let us know you saw us on What's On in Dorset!

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